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Providence Insulated Glass and Double Pane Glass

Residential double pane glass

There are times when accidents happen and result to broken window panes. Sometimes, because of the changes in temperature, the insulating glass in our windows become cracked and worn. When these unwanted things happen to us, we are often left clueless and wondering. How are we going to replace them with a new set of glass? How can we determine which insulating glass is durable and would last long? The choice for this type of situation is insulated glass.

Insulated - Double Pane Glass

Double-pane glass, also called dual pane or insulated glass, is the best way to go. Unlike single pane, double pane glass has an outer layer of glass separated by a half inch of air or gas like argon or carbon dioxide, followed by the second layer of glass. This air pocket helps boost the thermal performance of the window by adding an extra layer of protection. It's the same idea that makes a coffee thermos work so effectively. Call your Providence insulated glass experts for more information.

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  • Dual Pane Glass Service

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