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What To Do When Your Windows Are Always Foggy in Providence

What to do when your windows are always foggy in providence

You have windows for a reason -so you can see the view. Windows that look foggy distort the view and cause the significant devaluation of a property. There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning and scrubbing the windows only to find that they're still foggy.

If you wonder what could be wrong and what you can do about it, A1 Glass Service in Providence has the answers. We'll go over some reasons why your windows may be foggy and tell you what to do to solve the problem.

Abrasion, The Number One Cause Of Foggy Glass

In locations like Providence, Rhode Island, snow and ice play a significant role in glass abrasion. Most often, the glass will look foggy if it has experienced some type of abrasion.

Snow and ice are a problem in Rhode Island because they also contain dirt and other abrasive sedimentary deposits. As it all melts, it slowly falls down the window glass. While it literally takes years to affect the glass, it can eventually scratch the surface and make it look foggy.

You can avoid glass abrasion by cleaning the exterior of the windows every season. But be careful how you clean your windows because you can cause damage to the glass. We also repair patio and sliding glass doors.

Improper Window Glass Cleaning Methods

Harsh chemicals can cause significant glass corrosion which results in glass etching. This is the foggy appearance you are seeing through the glass. If your windows are already looking foggy or you see hard water spots, you can cause secondary chemical etching if you are not careful.

Use pure white vinegar first by soaking a soft towel and gently applying it to the glass. If that doesn't work, next try a mixture of ammonia and water. Be careful not to breathe the vapors or let it touch your skin because it can cause irritation and harm your respiratory tract. You can also use natural baking soda to safely clean your windows.

Abrasive scrubbing tools can also cause foggy glass. Make sure you don't use something like steel wool even if others recommend it because it will scratch the glass.

Foggy Glass Can Be Repaired By Pros

If etching has happened to the glass, no amount of scrubbing or cleaning will work. The window glass will need to be repaired. A Providence glass repair service like ours can remove the glass etching no matter what caused it.


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