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Glass Installation Options For Fixed Glass Areas In Rhode Island

Glass installation options for fixed glass areas

There are all kinds of glass options available today. Whether you have a new home, industrial building, or a commercial building, there will be choices to make before installing glass for fixed glass areas.

It's important to choose the right type of glass because it's permanent. It can be costly to replace if you later discover you need something else. You want to be sure you know what options are out there before you decide to installed fixed glass.

There are several reasons people choose a certain type of glass. Does the fixed glass area face direct sunlight? If so, you may want an insulated glass. Does the glass need to improve the aesthetics? If so, you may want stained or etched glass. Most people choose the type based on:

  • Aesthetics
  • View
  • Privacy
  • Energy Savings
  • Safety

Tinted Glass To Keep The View

Tinted glass comes in a range of tints and colors. You can keep that gorgeous view and still enjoy some heat and light blockage.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass comes in dark tints or one-way mirrored glass. You can also get smart glass that changes from opaque to clear. This glass uses electro-chromatic technology to change. You can control it with a remote control anytime you want a little privacy.

Low-E Glass For Energy Savings

The best thermal insulating glass is low-e glass. This is glass which is glazed for thermal insulation. The glaze is a transparent metallic coating. It blocks a significant amount of heat transference.

This thermal insulating glass keeps heat indoors when needed and heat outdoors when needed.

This means your HVAC system won't be running as hard because the treated air holds the temperature better. Energy savings are important today, so you may want low-e glass over any other option.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is important for fixed glass areas and sliding doors. It may also be the glass to choose for large windows.

Shattering glass is a huge problem just about anywhere. Safety glass doesn't shatter into pieces all over the place, but instead, the shattered pieces adhere together.

You may be familiar with safety glass in your automobile. Commercial and industrial businesses install safety glass in just about every location. Contact your Providence Glass Repair Company at A1 Glass Service today!


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