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Are Your Commercial Windows Foggy No Matter How Much You Clean Them? Glass Repair May Be What You Need

Are your commercial windows foggy no matter how

When the windows of your commercial building look hazy or foggy, it impacts your business in several ways. First, there's no clear view for employees to see through and the natural light gets distorted. Additionally, the windows only make your building look run down, affecting sales and the ability to attract new clients. Finally, you spend a lot on window cleaning that just doesn't seem to work.

If the glass storefront install or window glass of your commercial property stay foggy no matter how much you attempt to clean them, the glass surface may need to be repaired. Don't give up and decide to replace them when all they need is a little TLC!

Glass repair service can take care of a lot of problems including foggy windows. Additionally, the service can remove graffiti, bullet holes, chips, and stains. Here's what you need to know about glass etching and how professionals resolve the problem.

Let's Start With What Glass Etching Is

While glass etching is very attractive when intentionally designed, tiny scratches all over the windows is not the desirable type of glass etching. By now, you probably already know that this problem is actually permanent damage. Fortunately, the foggy, scratched glass can often be repaired. The problem happens because of a variety of reasons such as:

  • Wind constantly blowing over dirty glass surfaces
  • Chemical acid damage
  • Sandblasting mistakes
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Abrasive scrubbers used during cleaning
  • Mesh metal screens rubbing against the windows
  • Impacts from hail or other objects
  • Hard water stains

How Professionals Repair Glass Etching

Unfortunately, some etching is just too deep to remove but the glass can be restored in the majority of cases. One of the methods that professionals use to repair glass etching involves a polishing process where the glass is buffed. This only works for light etching.

If the etching is deeper, a chemical treatment may need to be used on the glass to restore the surface. Your professional should be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done and then get the job right the first time.

If a chemical treatment process has no effect on the glass, the surface may need to be ground down to remove the etched surface. The glass grinding process will reveal the smooth glass underneath the damage. This glass repair method takes quite a bit of skill to get right or it can make the glass look distorted. Professionals at A-1 Glass Service know how to minimize this effect during glass repair.


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